OpenSSL Light v1.1.1m (64 bit)

gzip v1.3.12-1 (32 bit)

Visual C Runtime (64 bit)

OpenSSL Light v1.1.1k (32 bit)

Power Shell (64 bit)

Visual C Runtime (32 bit)

Power Shell (32 bit)

MESCrypt Users Guide

MESCRYPT is an encryption product used in Windows Explorer (right click a file to encrypt/decrypt). WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE MOVING OR ENCRYPTING. Please purchase a software license key from the STORE before downloading MESCrypt. Two layers of encryption are applied: (1) MES which is a new encryption method using a random digit file and two keyfiles; (2) AES256 with 2048 bit encryption (TOP SECRET). Using this tool any home-based user or small business can encrypt their data, transfer it to the CLOUD (whichever cloud you decide to use), rebuild their system (convert Windows 7->10/64 bit), and then pull their data down from the cloud and decrypt it. 

MESCrypt Setup Light (Windows 7/10 64 bit)

List of required supporting software for MESCrypt:

OpenSSL Light v1.1.1k (64 bit)

OpenSSL Light v1.1.1m (32 bit)